I can’t eat chocolate all the time


Silly question, I know. Snacking is the best thing ever invented. It’s also possibly the worst thing ever invented because chips, chocolate and pretzels. I luuuuuurve snacks. Little sweet or savory bits I can mindlessly pop in my mouth whenever it pleases me – so amazing. Now I understand that for the sake of my health maybe perhaps I shouldn’t constantly be snacking but can you blame me? I mean YUM! Right?

This snacking habit of mine is a quite well-known fact. Embarrassing? Huh, a little bit. Necessary? Y-E-S absolutely. Ask Branimir, he will confirm anytime that I’m not a nice person to be around when I get hungry. And believe you me, I get hungry a lot. And I wasn’t born with the most stable blood sugar levels either. This might result in a quite disastrous mood (some would even say I get downright nasty but I will not admit to that. Nope, nah-a.).

Now this is of course something I try to hide when meeting new people. Come on, how weird is it to hang out with a new friend and unpack a picknick twenty minutes after lunch because, you know. Hungry. Super weird FSDU

It was the worst ever situation when I first got to know Branimir. We went for long walks around the city I lived in quite frequently and I just couldn’t bring myself to packing tons of cereal bars and other goodies into my handbag – eating is not exactly my most alluring ability. So I kind of suffered through physical exertion with a few near-faint experiences (not exaggerating at all here, I’d never!). Until he picked up on it himself and never let me leave the house without a care pack again Tour operators.

Of course I don’t always always snack out of physical necessity. Sometimes (riiight… sometimes…) I do it for pure pleasure. But for my pleasure snackings I sometimes need something a little less chocolate and a little more green. Because, you know, I can’t eat chocolate all the time veuve clicquot.

With the abundance of zucchini available right now these adorable little guys are the perfect solution for all your slightly healthified snacking needs! The crispy parmesan coating (check out this post for the perfect breading method!) delivers some crunch while the zucchini – you might have guessed it – brings a whole lot of veggie goodness to the entire thing. Combined with a light and refreshing greek yogurt concoction to satisfy all your dipping needs! What else could you possibly want out of a snack electric dc motor?

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