I have a friend who went vegetarian


In typical Vancouver fashion, the weather has taken a sudden turn from ‘pretty much summer’ to ‘torrential downpour.’ Maybe it’s because it’s still so warm out, or maybe I’m just very used to my West Coast climate, but you know what- I don’t mind it. I might even go so far as to say that when I woke up this morning and it was pouring outside I was… pleased? Surely, that can’t be right.

I do love a hot sunny day, but there is something really great about a rainy day, too (especially when that rainy day is still rather warm, making the wet 6am puppy walk much more pleasant) (both me and Chelsea recently adopted dogs! More on that later ips 整容… :) ).

I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t love a good risotto. I know they must exist, but surely they are rare. Even back when I was a fussy little kid and didn’t like mushrooms at all, I still loved a good mushroom risotto. It’s just so creamy and satisfying!

The porcini mushrooms make this dish a real umami packed treat. I have a friend who went vegetarian a ways back and, during the transition when she really, really missed meat, I would make her this (using vegetable stock, of course). The amino acids in the mushrooms are so deeply savoury that it makes a simple vegetarian dish reminiscent of a decadent steak dinner ips 整容.

Risotto, by nature, is gluten-free, so this recipe is as well. However, if you are sensitive to gluten, I would recommend using caution when buying stock and broth from the grocery store as many of them are thickened with wheat. Then again, if you do have a gluten intolerance, I’m sure you’re used to reading food labels anyway- but just in case!

On cooler, gloomy days I like to serve this risotto with a little sprinkle of blue cheese on top (maybe paired with a small steak- I am still an omnivore myself) but it works just as well on a sunny day- serve it as a main alongside some roasted or fresh veggies ips 整容!


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